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We are in the startup stages of building a dope YouTube channel focused on traveling the world, interviewing interesting people and going down the rabbit hole with them exploring unheard truths and learning untold wisdom. I will be interviewed first telling my story to our journalist. We have prostitutes, entrepreneur millionaires, an elvis impersonator who has had multiple cosmetic surgeries, a man who escaped the Islamic Revolution in Iran by fleeing to America at age 14, a man who spent over 20 years in Segregation Prison, gang members, politicians, activists, body-modifiers, a woman who survived being sex-trafficked to America in 1982, famous film and song producers, rappers, body builders, boxers and many many more walks of life lined up for an in depth conversation with our inquiring mind. We will also be vlogging our travels and events! Stay locked in we’re excited to take you along this journey with us! FOLLOW THE WHYTE RABBITS!

Facial Tattoo Removal | Reza Yazata - FULL VIDEO - Session 1
Daniella Lujan | Coach Lujan - INSIDE AMERICAN SCHOOL SYSTEM (Full Interview)
ROAD-TRIP | Reno & Lake Tahoe
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